"A goal without a plan is a wish."

"A goal without a plan is a wish."

There are no secrets to TRUE financial freedom. Let's begin.

What is the goal?

"True financial freedom" is having the choice to do whatever you want, whenever, wherever, with whomever. It's not about being tied to a job nor living a frugal life.

No small-minded debt-free goals, no false advertising for commission, no fluff content.

At freedom locker PH, we're all about working hard... until you no longer have to!

Personal Finance

It all starts here, the foundation we need to achieve true financial freedom. Everything falls without the right mindset and knowledge. We start with the fundamentals and work our way to more intermediate and advanced...
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Saving and investing regularly fall short when working your way to true financial freedom. Even without a wildly successful business, having a strong presence compounds your earnings. It’s truly one step closer to financial freedom....
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Real Estate

90% of millionaires have been created by investing in real estate. But it’s not without its pitfalls, and the key is in selecting the right opportunities. Investing and property management topics focus on issues prior...
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The right book at the right time can change your life. That is not an exaggeration. And that’s coming from someone who used to hate books and thought they were dull and slow. But it’s...
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How to Split Profits When Partnering With Friends and Family

Using other people's money, often referred to as "OPM," can be a great way to scale. Whether it's in the form of a loan or ownership... Read More "How to Split Profits When Partnering With Friends and Family"

4 Reasons Budget Apartments and Boarding Houses Are a Good Investment

There will never be something that’s called “the best investment.” Ironically, economic incentives play a role as to why different investments balance out. Inventors move... Read More "4 Reasons Budget Apartments and Boarding Houses Are a Good Investment"

Biweekly Rent Payment: A Creative Way to Increase Rental Income

Increasing rental income doesn’t have to be one-sided — some options benefit both the landlord and tenant. Sure, there’s no free lunch, but you can... Read More "Biweekly Rent Payment: A Creative Way to Increase Rental Income"

7 Metrics to Determine if Real Estate Profitability is Good

Using just one profitability metric is a recipe for disaster. Instead, you should always use a combination of two or more complementary metrics. That is... Read More "7 Metrics to Determine if Real Estate Profitability is Good"

Is BRRRR Possible in the Philippines (Plus Other FAQ)

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on BRRRR Investing in the Philippines. If you haven't already, make sure you head on over... Read More "Is BRRRR Possible in the Philippines (Plus Other FAQ)"

Mall Space Rental in the Philippines: Things to Know Before You Dive In

The best locations come expensive. And this is a big reason why location doesn’t guarantee business success — prime locations will come at higher rates that may... Read More "Mall Space Rental in the Philippines: Things to Know Before You Dive In"

7 Major Reasons the School System is Flawed

This isn’t exactly an indictment on schools. I believe in the school system enough to send my kid or go to one myself. Going to... Read More "7 Major Reasons the School System is Flawed"

Myths Busted

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The 8k Rule is Misused: New 7% Rule for PSE Stock Market Investing

For a lot of beginners, allocating 8,000 pesos isn’t possible. So instead, they set aside 1,000 pesos a month for 8 months to save on trading fees — or some other iteration like 2,000 pesos a month for 4 months. But is this a wise decision? Does the 8k Rule apply to long-term investments in the PSE stock market?

In my analysis, Filipino investors may profitably invest less than 8,000 pesos if they believe the stock market’s annualized returns are around 7%

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Is a Condo a Good Investment? Rarely… Here’s Why

Not all real estate properties are good investments. In fact, there are at least 9 ways a good property can be a bad investment. Unfortunately, we’ve all been accustomed to this “always buy real estate” mindset that sometimes borders a poor marketing gimmick. I surely was before I knew any better. That said, real estate is still one of my preferred investment classes. But it’s no longer with a buy-anything-real-estate approach.

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Does Lowering Price Increase Sales? 2 Ways Math Says Yes and No

The answer to this question depends. In fact, lowering prices can either increase sales, decrease sales, or have no impact. But with a range of possible results, how can we then avoid blind guesses?

Which manifests in your business will depend on the product’s (or service’s) price elasticity. Stay with me, we’ll explain price elasticity with some practical applications and a simplified approach, even at the expense of economic semantics.

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Are Foreclosed Properties Cheaper? A Revisited Truth on Why They’re Not

Gerry’s luck was turning. It was an ad. A very fateful ad. One that would breathe life into his dormant portfolio. It was an ad for foreclosed properties. Apartment buildings sold cheaper than branded subdivision lots; houses were selling for practically nothing. The stars were finally in place for an epiphany. All the knowledge from Rich Dad Poor Dad and his banking experiences were paying off. He went on and bought the best deals he could find.

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